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Sewer Camera

Hydro JettingSewer Cameras are essential in finding certain type of blockages in your sewer lines. The sewer camera/locator is a camera that can reach up to two hundred feet and go down into the sewer/ drain lines recording its findings

Some common problems that can cause damage to your drains are tree roots, broken or separated drain lines, low spots or bows in the pipes or off-set drain lines. Not only does this cause damage in and around your home or business, it’s just a hassle to deal with. The sewer camera can locate the exact problem within the line or drain so that we may provide you with an exact diagnosis and a written estimate. ┬áThis will help to avoid any unnecessary damage to your property.

If you are having reoccurring difficulties with your sewer/drains, call Clear Water Plumbing, Inc. and schedule an appointment with one of our expertly trained sewer camera technicians for a correct evaluation.

Purchasing a home?

Are you in the market to purchase a home? Sewer cameras are a quick and efficient way to inspect the current plumbing system, and avoid costly drain repairs in the future. Have your realtor contact Clear Water Plumbing for a sewer line inspection before you purchase and save yourself from any unwanted plumbing issues further down the road.