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Hydro Jetting

Hydro JettingHydro-jetting completely scours sewer pipes with a water hose under extremely high pressure. This technique can clean plumbing systems that home and business owners thought were unsalvageableā€”even clearing away roots and the most heavy-duty grime.

Some stoppages require the use of a jetting machine. A jetting machine produces anywhere from 500 PSI to 4500 PSI of high water pressure into the pipes to flush away debris from sanitary lines. A jetter is ideal for clearing lines of grease, moisture seeking roots, and debris blockages.  Many clients are highly dependent on this piece of equipment because of its superb cleaning performance. It is also useful for the removal of mineral deposits and corrosion that attach to sanitary piping.

In order to maintain a healthy system, scheduled preventative maintenance programs are available for monthly or quarterly drain cleanings. Because of its portability and 500 foot hose capability, the jetter can be used both indoor and outdoor.

At Clear Water Plumbing, Inc. we know that lines can back up on a regular basis. Jetting is a great way to save time and money as a preventative measure. You can prolong your time between service needs with a regularly scheduled jetting service. Clear Water Plumbing has trained plumbing technicians to review your lines and offer the best solution to handle your drain needs. We can offer you the solutions to keep your lines and drains in optimal working condition. Our services can be customized to tailor to all of your specific line and drain needs.