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Backflow Prevention Services

Hydro JettingMany people do not understand what a backflow preventer or backflow certification is.  A backflow preventer is a device that keeps contaminated water from entering into drinking water systems.  Backflow prevention is required by municipalities for office buildings, apartment buildings, condominiums, restaurants, hotels, etc.  All backflows must be certified annually as directed by The Safe Drinking Water Act and Rule.

Clear Water Plumbing, Inc. is an established state-certified backflow preventer company.  Its licensed backflow prevention technicians are capable of installing, testing, and certifying backflows.  Keeping accurate records is an essential part of a successful backflow prevention program and that is exactly what Clear Water Plumbing, Inc. does.

Backflow Certification Process

The client receives a letter from the city that tells them that they have to install a backflow or certify the ones that they have.  The client calls Clear Water Plumbing, Inc., we then send out a licensed backflow technician to install or certify the backflow, Clear Water Plumbing, Inc. will then fill out and submit all of the proper paperwork for the city. The customer is automatically enrolled in our backflow program and will be notified each year by a Clear Water Plumbing, Inc. representative informing them it is time to recertify their backflow.

If a backflow device does not pass inspection, the customer is given a quote to either repair or replace the backflow device.